Production program

Výrobný program:

  • Universal chamber HYBRID

    Fully automatic operation, smooth transition between individual device modes without need for modification.

  • Smoking chambers

    The device is designed for automatic smoker and heat treatment of meat, meat products, poultry, fish and cheese.

  • Cooking chambers

    The device is intended for cooking meat products, meat, fish, vegetables in pairs where smoking is not required.

  • Cooling chambers

    The device is designed for quick and intense cooling of the products after heat treatment on the packing, respectively. expedition temperature.

  • Air-conditioned chamber TNV

    Apparatus intended for the first phase of the production of heat-treated meat products - fermentation of the products after their packing and cold smoke.

  • Drying chamber TNV

    Device designed for drying and maturing of heat-treated meat products after completion of the previous phase - fermentation and cold smoke treatment in the smoking chamber.

  • Control system iRauch

    A new-generation management system that exploits the results of research into food technology and allows the customer a number of benefits.

  • Cooking tank

    The cooking bath is designed for cooking food, it can be found in food production, also in high-capacity kitchens.

  • Automatic smoke-generator

    In order to create the smoke of the optimal properties for food smoke, a controlled automatic smoke generator is used, resulting in constant smoke results.