1. MIG - MAG (Metal Inert Gas - Metal Active Gas):

Welding method when the feed material is continuously supplied to the welding point by the feed device, the feed material is melted by an electric arc, and the fusion bath is protected from atmospheric oxidation by an inert gas which is delivered to the welding site. Otherwise called a method of welding in a protective atmosphere.

2. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gass):

The TIG welding method is a welding process that utilizes the heat released from the ignited electric arc held between the non-melting electrode (tungsten) and the welded part. Inert gas (typically Argone Ar 99.5%) is used in this method.

3. Zváranie tenkých plechov:

We specialize in the welding of thin stainless steel sheets from 0.8mm to rough up to 15.0mm.

Photo gallery of the welding: